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you're Part of my life ~Elliessa and Ellisson~

-kalau udah baca ELL alias everlasting love, ini merupakan bentuk pendek dari kisah itu, aku dedikasikan khusus buat guru bahasa inggrisku Mrs.Anna agar aku terselamatkan dari nilai jelek dirapot, demi pmdk-ku (gue harus lulus!), demi otakku yg terus-terusan ngirim inspirasiku, demi 'my Ellison', i love u...(huekkk, gue udah berhasil jadiin lu karakter penentu disetiap cerpen atau cerbung gue), and buat semua yg baca, yakin klu kita usaha, dengan tulus, maka hasilnya enggak akan terduga, kan Allah Maha adil.don't judge book from the cover-thx udah baca...gx baca juga enggak apa-apa..hehehehe-

In a small town in England, Sheffield, there lived a family, they are not royalty, not a descendant of kings, but they are a wealthy family. The head of the family, Ruther Stanford, a businessman, he has a vast tea plantations in the foothills Acres, a successful tea business, not just the tea, he also has a vegetable plantation, workers quite a lot, he lives in Sheffield with his wife, Hawllen Ruther, a beautiful woman, graceful, and his youngest daughter Elliesa Ruther, a beautiful girl and smart player classical music instruments, actually he has two children, but his oldest child, Elizabeth Ruther, is married and lives with her husband in Chester.
Stanford is very busy, he had to take care of his estate every day, because the order of goods coming from all over England, his wife, Hawllen, were also care of plantation of vegetables, so Elliesa, their daughter, lost time with her parents,actually, Elliesa really wanted to go with her older daughter, Elizabeth, but because Elliesa must to school and learn the violin every day, she was not allowed to stay at her sister’s home, if the holidays arrive, then Elliesa go on holiday to Chester.
One morning at the residence of Ruther Family. They were having breakfast together, enjoy a meal made Hawllen, Peanut Bread, Egg Bread, and a glass of milk, her mother told her that She and her father will go to Congleton today and will not be at home until 3 days ahead, Elliesa sad because she has to dinner alone in her house for 3 days ahead, Congleton was close to Chester, but when Elliesa asked "can I follow? Then I'll be leave in Chester ". Father and mother forbade Elliesa, because Elliesa must remain in her Violin class today. Elliesa then do what her mother said, after a few moments after her mother and father left, her teacher Mrs.Helfact come, and soon took Elliesa went into the study room at the 4th floor, Elliesa learn without spirit, remembering her birthdays soon arrived, "why daddy and mommy cann’t spend a little time just for me? "she wondered. When she has finished studying Elliesa usually had luch with Mrs.Helfact, they enjoyed salad, grilled tuna fillet, and Hilloits hotpot, and blueberry jam cheesecake as dessert, after which, they feed Mr.Sloup, Elliesa’s pet dog, a sense of sadness Elliesa because parents left for a moment lost. She plays with her dog, Mr.Sloup. But when Mrs.Helfact home, she returned alone.
"Huh, what should I do to not get bored?".She asked, then she saw a painting, "what if I paint on the banks of the river?, It was a brilliant idea!" .She said, pleased. Then immediately Elliesa took painting equipment and left the room to the river which divides the estate of his father, she was leaning against a tree near the bank, after the old paint, Elliesa was bored, she lived in the mountains, her home away from residents around, so she never got a friend adolescent age with her, suddenly plum blossoms are falling, Elliesa enchanted by the beauty Plum Flower who fell slowly and fell on her palm, she was an admirer of flowers Plum Blossum, she very lucky this tree can thrive in the back of her house. Serious attention to the interest Blossum, Elliesa not realize that a male figure was hiding, watching her. The man was also sitting in a tree leaning on the edge of the river, while playing a stream of clear water, "the girl's face is beautiful, like plum blossoms are in her grasp" he told himself. Then he came back at the river water, the situation is now reversed, the man was very seriously looking at landscape of green tea garden blended with the blue sky, without realizing that Elliesa now looking at him, "who is he? Why did he get here? His face was so handsome ". Elliesa said to herself. Elliesa ventured to greet him.
"Hi!". Elliesa said.
"Oh, hi!". Replied the man, the two are fascinated by their first sight. "Am I right?, My eyes still can recognize a handsome man!". Elliesa said to herself. "Proved, if i closer look more prettier". Said the man was in the heart.
"What's here?". Elliesa asked.
"I was resting, while enjoying the scenery here, can i?". The man asked.
"Of course, you like the view here?". Elliesa asked.
"Yes, then, you like the plum flowers, huh?". The man asked again.
"Hem". Answer Elliesa. Since then, they acquainted , the man was Ellison, each completed study by Mrs.Helfact, she went straight to the river behind her house, she will find Ellison, was waiting for her while playing water of the river, sometimes he's always bringing Elliesa plum bouquet, or a series of plum blossoms shaped crown, Elliesa chatting and joking with him almost every day, he teaches Elliesa how to arrange flowers , and Elliesa teaches Ellison painting, one day Elliesa parents went to Luton for 3 days, whereas 3 days to Elliesa’s birthday. And Ellison seem know about it.
"My birthday 3 days away, would you come to my simple party". Invite Elliesa to Ellison, when they were sitting together under a plum tree while enjoying a blueberry cheescake made Elliesa.
"Simple? Not that you're so rich? Why the party only a modest party? ". Ellison asked.
"Oh sorry, I did not mean to, really". Ellison said again. he could read Elliesa sad face when he asked about it.
"Okay, maybe in my party just you, me and Mrs.Helfact and the servants, but I'm happy". Elliesa said.
"Would you come? I'm sure if you come a party will be hilarious ". she said again. Ellison didn’t respond. Then...
"I will try, The important is I can see your pretty happy face when your birthday party". Ellison said with a smile. Ellison is understood Ellisa, Elliesa but not told too much about her, did they talk a lot, but only limited to their hobby, but of course, Ellison is very caring and had feelings to Elliesa, and of course Elliesa too. And today Elliesa will ask a lot about him.
"Ellison? May I know where your house? ". Elliesa asked. Ellison smiled, looking at the face Elliesa.
"forest, inside the forest". Ellison replied.
"Where did you go to school?". Elliesa asked again. Ellison shake his head.
"I'm not educated, I worked as a logger, but I'm not stupid". Ellison said.
"this is Your guitar?". Elliesa asked as she looked behind a tree. Ellison nodded, suddenly he smiled at Elliesa pretty face, and began playing the song.
On this bright day I wanna swear
I will always be there by your side
Yes I promise you babe,
That i will always treat you right
Cause so many girl i know,
You're the one that i love so true
Every little thing you did to me Nobody else can do.

Ellison's voice was very sweet, he plays guitar well, the song 'I Do' can be so very beautiful out of his mouth, Elliesa laugh, "that's verse for women" inner Elliesa.
"Need a sequel again?". Ellison asked. Elliesa nodded her head.
"Later, I hope you can wait, today is my job very much, I can only accompany you till here, I have to go back to work, I hope you're not go into the forest to follow me". Ellison said. Elliesa nodded her head again.
"Your Cheescake is good". Ellison said again, and then he kissed her hand who his adoration girl and then he left. But after that Ellison never showed up again under a plum tree, waiting Elliesa finished studying, after she finished school, Elliesa always directly to the riverside where they often met, but Elliesa not find Ellison anywhere, she waited Ellison until nighttime, but Ellison did not appears, Elliesa really want to go into the forest, but he always remembered the words of Ellison that prohibits she entry into the forest. Elliesa birthday arrives, anguish Elliesa increases, because Mrs.Helfact could not attend the party, she was also not found Ellison on the edge of the river, she was crying under a plum tree.
"Why, why all the people away ,even when I really needed them, it's not fair" Elliesa said, crying.
"Hey, who said this is not fair?". The sound it makes Elliesa crying and woke her head. He Ellison. Elliesa very surprised, when she saw the figure actually looking for this for 2 days, and most are expected to come in her birthday party, and of course the man who was her loved.
"Ellison, where were you?". Elliesa asked.
"I was always waiting for you here, but you did not come". Elliesa said. Ellison smiled to Elliesa’s pretty face.
"I'm sorry, I've told you that my job very much, so forgive me!, Instead I'll show you around this hill, like?". invite Ellison. Elliesa nodded, Ellison had Elliesa's hand and helped her up, and they walked along the riverbank. They walked up to the top of the hill, talking and joking, they look so happy. Until they arrived at a log cabin, Elliesa never know that there are a log cabin, comfortable inside, and Ellison took out the contents of his bag, there are Cake, warm milk, and tobacco FishChip sauce, looks like very delicious.
"It all made you?". Elliesa asked. Ellison did not respond.
"come on, let's eat". Ellison said. Elliesa shocked when her name etched with whipped cream, she looked at Ellison.
"Happy birthday, Elliesa, I hope you always happy". Ellison said. Elliesa very surprised, she's very happy, birthday this time is different, though only in a simple wooden hut and without any decoration, without much food, and only two of them, but for her this is the most wonderful birthday of her life, only he and Ellison. Yes! Only she and Ellison, only two of them, before met with Ellison, Elliesa always lonely, she spent her teenage time alone, without some company, that adolescence should be passed with a fun and important experience, she passed with no joy, no place for her to share sadness, and happiness, not some that filled her heart, but Ellison now appears, he really gave what Elliesa wanted, and now he's also a fill Elliesa heart, Elliesa loving Ellison, "I hope Ellison felt the same "Inner Elliesa.
"This is the most delicious dinner in my life, as well as the most memorable birthday for me". Elliesa said.
"Really?, Elliesa but .. you like the party over the hill?". Ellison asked.
"Yes, of course, as long as ..". Elliesa said, her words hanging. Elliesa holding mug of warm milk, then Ellison gave his jacket to Elliesa, Elliesa smiled.
"Thank you". She said. "He knows I'm cold?, Of course he's got eyes". She told herself.
"No problem, I understand you be cold, right?". Ellison said. Elllison saw Elliesa blue eyes, he looked at her without blinking and he smiling to Elliesa.
"Elliesa, may I say something?". Ellison asked, his eyes looked out of focus.
"Of course, Ellison". Answer Elliesa.
"Actually, I've watched you a long time ago, I watched you from behind the trees in the Forest, I really liked you since then, but I didn’t dare to greet you because I am only a carpenter's son, I felt unworthy, but .. you a good girl and humble, I am .. I love you, Elliesa ". The next day Elliesa’s parents back home, they seem bring happy news to Elliesa, it for Elliesa’s parents, but not for Elliesa. Stanford told his daugther that she would be paired with a nobleman from Luton, Reinhers, they say that Reinhers will come 2 days later to propose Elliesa. Elliesa very sad to hear the news, on the afternoon she went to Ellison, she told all, Ellison was confused, he didn’t want the girl who he loved married with someone else, Elliesa suggested that Ellison marry her, but Ellison was afraid he would be rejected Elliesa’s parents, because he was only a carpenter. Ellison was desperate. Elliesa finally returned home, the next day, Ellison didn’t find Elliesa under the plum tree, he sad, he thought that Elliesa intend to forget him, Ellison finally back into the forest, when actually Elliesa see him under a Plum tree waiting for her, but she isn’t allowed out home by her parents, she must prepare herself to welcome Reinhers tomorrow. The next day, and Reinhers and his family arrived in Ruther family’s home, he brought many presents for Elliesa and her parents, Reinhers is gorgeous but Elliesa still just loves Ellison, Reinhers really disrespectful to the Elliesa behind her parents, of course feel Elliesa annoyed with Reinhers, Reinhers will purpose Elliesa next day, the day he and his family will rest, and Reinhers given the opportunity to know more closely with Elliesa. At night they had dinner together, not to Elliesa and Reinhers, they had dinner behind Elliesa’s house, on the edge of the river, under the plum tree, so Reinhers enjoy their dinner, but not with Elliesa, he kept remembering the moment under a plum tree with Ellison. Middle of their dinner Ellison out of the forest deliberately to greet Elliesa through her bedroom window, saw Elliesa was sitting with Reinhers, Ellison upset and immediately went into the forest , Elliesa saw Ellison, immediately chase but didn’t succeed because she was arrested by Reinhers. Elliesa very upset, and ran to her room, "why destiny once again separating my happiness?" Inner Elliesa. She wept bitterly. "What if I told Reinhers that I really love Ellison". Finally she crept away to his room to tell Reinhers this. But when she reached the front door to his room and knocked on the door, she heard Reinhers chatting with someone.
"I've seen, Elliesa’s lover, he was jealous, he should not have to worry, because after her family property I take all, she and his stupid parents to dump, and then he could have Elliesa back". Reinhers said and then he laughed. Elliesa shocked to hear about it. "What should I do? Notify Dad?, No he would not believe, I must tell Ellison, but if Ellison is still willing to accept me? ". Elliesa asked himself.
"But he loves me, he would still accept me". Elliesa said firmly. she immediately went out into the forest without notice Ellison's words, she ran, and ran, calling the name of Ellison, Ellison heard it, he knew who was calling his name, until Elliesa found Ellison, he ... he flew!, his body glowing.
"No way he .. he .. a witch". Elliesa said.
"Elliesa!". Ellison was shocked. He did not think that Elliesa will break her promise to not go into the forest, but he saw Elliesa comes with a sad face his anger lost, he then fell over Elliesa.
"You, have seen it all, Elliesa". Ellison said.
"You .. why do not you ever tell me all this?, No wonder you never told me about your family!". Elliesa asked.
It turned out that Ellison was a witch, half wizard or Muggle, his father was an ordinary man and his mother was a witch, wizard, in the English are considered criminals, who always disrupt the security, they are hunted because they are bullies of English society, was among them are that good, maybe like Ellison this. But still, married to a witch of a disgrace.
"If you still want to accept me? I'm a witch ". Ellison asked.
"Yes, of course, I love you, whatever you like, I will receive you". Answer Elliesa. Ellison was relieved to hear the words from Elliesa. Finally, Elliesa tell all to Ellison, Ellison did not expect to hear a statement Elliesa, he remembered Reinhers, he knew who he was. Ellison finally tell all to Elliesa, that family Reinhers is family who use illegal business in Luton, they lent money with interest is very high, sell fake goods and fraud by making fake money, Ellison also said that Reinhers already some times married, but all he had drained away after he married a woman who treasures until exhausted. Elliesa so angry when she heard the words of Ellison, Elliesa thought Ellison to slander Reinhers because he loved Elliesa. But Ellison's use of the light mirror that show out of the palm of his hand. Ellison shows everything, and Elliesa believe, once she became weak, how can she marry a man who really nasty, she had to cancel his fiancee with Reinhers, Ellison was willing to help, Elliesa will show how nasty Reinhers, she then asked Ellison to show all , but Ellison doubt, what if Mr Stanford away if he knew if he was a witch, "please it all for my family, I think Dad would understand". Elliesa cajoled. Then Ellison agreed, he picked Elliesa and fly her out of the forets and down in her room. Had reached her room, they crept into the Stanford’s room, but their movements known by someone. Stanford opened the door, Stanford was shocked to see Elliesa together with a man who he did not know, then Elliesa told him everything, about Ellison, the Reinhers crime, illegal business, including that she loved Ellison. But Stanford did not believe it, he ended up behind the accused Ellison, but Ellison showed mirror light, very surprised to know that he's a magician, he saw all the ugliness Reinhers, he finally knew that was not worth Reinhers to his daughter, but they were discovered by Reinhers bodyguard, and who had caught Reinhers shoot Stanford, but Ellison prevent the bullet right through the heart of Ellison. Despite being shot, Ellison still has little to dispel Reinhers and their families out of the house Ruther family. Ellison eventually died. Elliesa very sad she was crying very loudly, Stanford and Hawllen also saw was sorry saw Ellison, then came a hawk, which then turned into an old man who pulled the bullet from the heart of Ellison and closes the wound with a spell that he was saying, after a while Ellison awoke, he's alive again, finally Ellison and Elliesa married, when Stanford asked where Ellison lived, he was later invited to Stanford, Hawllen and his wife, Elliesa went to Hemel Hempstead, they arrived at a very stately palace, opposite there is a fountain shaped an image the antique, around the palace of meadow and flowers, plum trees grow everywhere, adding cool air around the palace, the palace was on the hill, stretched beneath a blue beach, beautiful scenery.
"Welcome to my home". Said Ellison, Ellison was the son of the King Slethur hempstead and Queen Minerv Hempstead. Behind the simplicity of he always was offer to Elliesa, he hid it all just want to know the real nature of a Elliesa. Apparently,j Elliesa a humble and not look at someone from the looks and wealth and position, just like prince Ellison. Finally they both live happily in the Palace Hamstead, forever, until the plum blossoms and sunny skies take their departure to heaven. Althought though fate was sentiments to them, they tried, and finally can be unite, that's true love. Everlasting Love.

PS:minta koreksinya yahhh~

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